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Welcome to SOFENT

You are cordially welcome new optimists to the community of entrepreneurs which is structured towards solving many socio-economic problems in Africa and thus making Africa habitable for living. The curiosity to solve many problems affecting the socio-economic, technology, commerce and agricultural sector of Nigeria and the urge to provide tenable answers to most of the unanswered questions around the world serve as good motivating factor for laying the foundation for this prestigious society.

SOFENT is designed to build a community comprises of prolific thinkers, Creative writers, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Scientists and decision makers from all sphere of life, different background and culture. Together, we build the community that will shape the future of Nigeria Youths.

Let's build a community where we interfere freely in an open market and creating employment opportunity for those yet unborn.
Let's build a community where there will be mutual beneficial relationship and impactful.  Let's build a community that builds human capacity and therefore making fresh graduate resourceful, impactful and creative.
Let's build a community where we make major decision in international business dialogue and play a dominant role in Africa Economy.

Let's build a community where we would be so committed to the service of humanity.
Let's build a community where each member develops skills to become an international player.
Let's build a community where our future will be highly secured and transforming our country to technological hub.
Let's build a community of entrepreneurs where we make cogent decision to respond to various economic condition of Nigeria, re-orientate our youths by reconstructing ideas.
Let's build this ideology, immortalize our thought and live to see a better Nigeria. By building this community, we have built thinkers and entrepreneurs that will create new jobs for young graduate which in turn boost the economy. we have built human capacity needed to give Nigeria a drastic transformation and  international reputation.

About Us


Proffering solutions to problems which stand to hunt human and the urge to become one of the most influential entrepreneurial society in history where urgent and permanent solutions will be proffered to imbalances, needs and problems which warrant urgent attentions, spurred three optimists to lay the foundation for SOFENT in 2013....

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Life that is so full of hope, determination and enthusiasm to be successful. Life that is full of understanding of inherent phenomena of economic process, yet we lack the morale to kick-off with the little resources available to us. We keep dreaming and hoping for better tomorrow by basing the strategy solely on our bachelor degrees. We are encapsulated by the way we think.....

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