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About Us


Proffering solutions to problems which stand to hunt human and the urge to become one of the most influential entrepreneurial society in history where urgent and permanent solutions will be proffered to imbalances, needs and problems which warrant urgent attentions, spurred three optimists to lay the foundation for SOFENT in 2013.

The ideas that did not allow them to sleep, until it became what surfaced and benefited human, made T.C., Ajegbomogun, F.A., Maradesa, A.B., Adegoke and S.O., Adedeji to pioneer this community and laying foundation for what we regarded as SOFENT today.

SOFENT was first created at FUT, AKURE by these thinkers. It was later introduced to other students so that the idea of creating own market will become a reality. Today, SOFENT has been expanded to some desired level. To grow SOFENT to the stage that she plays dominant role in entrepreneurial activities in Africa, We thrust her to the second stage of development. And this involves prominent thinker called S.A., Moshood and others.

Today, SOFENT comprises four key founders and other members of the community.

Why Us


Life that is so full of hope, determination and enthusiasm to be successful. Life that is full of understanding of inherent phenomena of economic process, yet we lack the morale to kick-off with the little resources available to us. We keep dreaming and hoping for better tomorrow by basing the strategy solely on our bachelor degrees. We are encapsulated by the way we think.

In fact, our thought determines to a great extent how far we can go in life. We keep asking many questions in which we have no clue about proffering tenable answers to those questions. Whenever we think about the upsurge level of unemployment in Nigeria, in which we are directly or indirectly affected, many questions keep conflicting in our minds.

The optimal answers to those questions embedded in the questions. Obtaining tenable answers to the questions signal the end of thoughts and the answers proffered will solve many problems in the real life. By proffering solutions to problems affecting human, you will create employment opportunity for people which will in turn make you rich.

 At this point, you are an entrepreneur. It is on this note that SOFENT is looking to the future where Nigeria students will be independent and they will be able to cater for the needs of others even before their graduation, a future where Nigeria graduates will be gainfully employed immediate after their graduation, a future where Nigerians will be the most creative thinkers in Africa in term of creating new jobs and a future where Nigeria will play a dominant role in Africa economy.