Society Of Entrepreneurs (SOFENT)

11, Agunbiade off olateju street Mushin Lagos
Tel. No. (+234)7034361609,7036074094,8067811542,8066509389



SOFENT is an economic ideology with the notion of creating its own market. SOFENT believes that you are the market, therefore you do not need to be looking for market anywhere, and instead you should use optimal strategy to expand your market to your desired level.

The notion that you are the market is what SOFENT called SOFENTISM. We are employing the SOFENTISM approach to build our colony comprising many ideologists with the sole aim of making own market thereby serving as free trade zone guided by some defined rules and principles that will enable mutual benefit between members.


  • The SOFENT law is supreme and biding on every member (Supremacy of the law)

  • All members shall be committed towards the growth and development of the community and loyal to uphold her unity. Any member who deviates from this standard will be penalized. The penalty will be decided by the whole community.

  • At SOFENT, religion and tribe have no meaning; there shall not be any questions regarding religious or tribal activities either online or real life. Any member who wants to use either religious or tribal activities to dismantle SOFENT will be removed from the community.

  • Lateness to the meeting without prior notice or cogent reasons shall attract a fine of N150

  • Every member must patronize and buy any products or services rendered by other members of the community. This is because you are their first market and you are buying these products not only because you want to use them but also you want to advertise to others outside the community (SOFENT). Whoever fails to comply with this shall be penalized and the magnitude of the penalty will be decided by the whole house.

  • Since SOFENT is a free trade zone, it is mandatory for every member to either sell products or render services. No idleness within the community. Anybody finds idles shall be re-orientated and trained to become expert in doing business.

  • Every meeting shall be presided by the head of the community (Director). It can only be done otherwise, if the leader is not around for some specific tenable reasons.

  • Since entrepreneurship is the order of the day at SOFFENT, it becomes mandatory for every member to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

  • It is mandatory for all members to participate in SOFENT’S yearly exhibition and conference or symposium

  • The decision of the founders is final about any activities of the SOFENT.