Data & ICT

Decision making is crucial in all facets of life. Economic planners, Socio-researchers, scientists and Entrepreneurs make decisions to present tenable results, thereby showing the validity of result and degree of reliability on the result of experiment so that accurate and consistent decision can be taken.

The habit of making empirical decision based on the evidence from numerical findings and optimal strategy made many Scientists, Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs succeeded in their respective areas. In order to be a good decision maker, you need to be analytic in thinking through evidence from numerical findings using appropriate statistical designs and tools, mathematical method and programming language.

MDC is charged with the responsibility of modeling, simulating, analyzing and reporting. We analyze any form of data ranges from final year undergraduate projects, MSc and PhD thesis. We use efficient statistical packages and programming languages to explain many real world phenomena and to produce high quality academic writings for our clients.

Below are what we do in this department:
Data Mining

Data Analysis and reporting

Modeling: Geospatial modeling, Econometric model, Epidemiological model for infectious diseases, Stochastic Model, Time Series Model.

High quality academic writing (Project) and guidance on publication in a reputable international journal.