Mosab Energy

Oil and Gas play significant role in Nigeria economy and it is the main source of energy for domestic and commercial use; Mosab Gas Plant is proposed as solutions to problems serving as hindrance in realizing effective distribution of Gas products for both domestic and industrial use and providing employment opportunity for Nigerians which in turn increases their standard of living. Mosab Gas Plant is a proposed and registered (CAC) business venture with the main vision of revolutionizing the transport system, industrial sector, maintaining eco-friendly environment for people by operating a standard gas plant in Ife, Ife central LG, and Nigeria.

At Mosab Gas Plant, we are so curious about excellence and financial success with uncompromising services and integrity. We are in the industry to make positive mark. We are quite optimistic that our values and quality of products and service offering will help us drive our Gas plant venture to enviable heights, thus helping us attract the number of clients that will make the business highly profitable.

The curiosity to reduce environmental hazard caused by carbon emission to the atmosphere and the urge to create employment for the populace of Ife through introduction of systems which will convert diesel engines to engines which can be powered by liquefied petroleum gas.

Mosab Gas plant retails cooking gas to both individual and small business, engages in servicing workshop and will incorporate new technology into the system by creating an assembling plant which will be charged with the responsibility of assembling and converting any form of engine which use either petroleum or diesel to new engine that can be powered with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The use of LPG system in powering engine such as motorcycle engine, industrial machine engine, cars, buses and generator is found to be cost effective because it takes longer days for the gas to be exhausted as compared to other fossil fuels (Petroleum, diesels and kerosene) and constitute no environmental hazards thus giving room for realizing eco-friendly environment. The problem of incomplete internal combustion experienced, in the engines designed for fossil fuels create residues which disrupt the normal functioning of the engine, can be solved by the invention of new technology which is proposed by Mosab Gas Plant and Assembling System by converting the fossil fuels engine to Liquefied petroleum gas engine.

This is envisioned to transform the transport system and industrial system to modernized system of using LPG to power machines and engines.