Through continuous research and development, we tend to uncovered many mystery of life and solve many problems affecting human. Innovation and creativity are meant to solve problems, creating opportunities, answer many unanswered questions and building human capacity.
Through innovation, fresh ideas tend to surface in our society. By solving social problems, you become an entrepreneur, creative thinker and person of integrity with the motive of making life better for people.
Discovery, Invention and Creation are the three level of creativity which will be followed and used as standard guiding member of this prestigious society. At SOFENT, we train the member in how to create a tenable business idea, convert their idea to viable business by building a business plan and proposal.
This department needs highly motivated members who are creative writers, technologist, scientists and thinkers that needs to convert their idea to money or something that can benefit human.


Weekly Business Report and Performance

Business Analysis, (PESTLE-Analysis, SWOT-Analysis)

Advice member of the community on their respective business idea